How It All Started

Seventeenth Street Designs started in the Spring of 2017. It all started with a Pintrest post... as these things typically do. One day I was bored and scrolling through the hundreds of pinterest posts on my dashboard. I came across a "Simple and Easy" way to transfer any photo onto wood. My father is a craftsman, so I grew up around wood my whole life. If something broke in our house, or we needed a new shelving unit, instead of going out to buy it- we built it ourselves. Using tools was something I started learning at a very young age. Naturally, I loved the idea of combining my artistic passion with my woodworking skills.

It turns out that this "Simple and Easy" way to transfer photos onto wood was not as simple and easy as the article lead me to believe... but I was determined! Through a lot of trial and error I was able to perfect the transferring process!

Now the big question, where do I go from here? Yes, I now had Christmas, birthday, and engagement gifts for every single person in my life. But I want to share this new found skill with the world! And Seventeenth Street Designs was born! With the support of family and friends I was able to turn this fun hobby into a real business.

Seventeenth Street?

Thanks to my amazing grandparents, I have had the opportunity to spend my summers on Long Beach Island. Where you ask? On Seventeenth Street of course!  Long Beach Island has had such a powerful impact on my life, I wanted to make that the corner stone of my business. What better way to do so then to put it right in the name.